What do I need to use Magine TV?

To start with you need a internet connection and a Magine TV account. You can easily create an a account at www.magine.com.

To be able to watch any programs you need to have at least one of our supported devices. You can read more about what we support here.

What internet connection do I need in order to use Magine TV?

You can use Magine TV as long as you have access to an Internet connection, which means you can use it with a 3G- or WiFi-connection. While watching, the streaming is automatically adapted to your available bandwidth so that audio and video will be as good as possible on your device. The lowest speed of your Internet connection should be 2Mbit/s, but for the best quality, picture and sound, we recommend a speed of 8Mbit/s.

If you use Magine TV on your 3G connection, be aware that it affects the consumption of data traffic included in your mobile subscription plan. If you have a mobile plan without free surf, we recommend that you only use Magine while connected to a WiFi network.