The app needs so many rights, why?

That is a good question. The app is using the rights for the following purposes:

  1. Full network access --> the app needs internet access to play the video stream
  2. View wifi/network connections --> the app needs to check if the device is online
  3. Modify or delete content of the USB Storage --> the app caches pictures to save bandwidth and to load content faster
  4. Find accounts on the device --> needed to send push notifications
  5. Retrieve running apps --> needed to receive push notifications
  6. Use accounts on the device --> the app needs access if you want to use Facebook or Google as login method
  7. Prevent device from sleeping --> the app prevents the standby modes so that you can watch a show without your device going to rest mode
  8. Read phone status and identity --> Gives access to a unique device id that is required for device registration and playback authentication.
  9. Access to microphone --> the app allows you to search by voice on your Android TV