Logging in to Magine TV on your Amazon Fire TV

When you want to login to the Magine TV app you can choose between two login methods:

  1. Your Magine Login with email address and password
  2. Your Amazon Login 

When you want to use Magine type in your email address and password to your existing Magine TV account. If you do not have a Magine account an account will be created when you login with your Amazon Login. Just click login with Amazon and this will use the credentials you have registered with your Amazon Fire TV.

If you have created a Magine TV account using Facebook or Google, please login to our website and create a password for your account.

  1. Go to www.magine.com
  2. Login with Facebook or Google
  3. Go to your account settings
  4. Click on Change password
  5. Login with your email address and new password on your Amazon Fire TV